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Circumstances Don’t Define You


So God created man in his image, in the image of
God He created him; male and female He created them.

Genesis 1:27


A tiny barn,

Tattered clothes,

A mom and dad with barely enough money to get by . . .

Jesus was born, like many of us – into the ordinary.

His home? Unremarkable. His circumstances? Commonplace.

Ten fingers, ten toes and a belly button just like yours and mine.

While, he was born into the ordinary he came from the divine. He took an ordinary brown bag special and turned it into a feast for the masses. Well water became wine in his hands. Mud became a cure for blindness.

 His outward appearance was ordinary but what was within him was extraordinary. Jesus knew that ordinary was a label for circumstances that only became reality when you believed they defined the light within you.

You are molded in His image, created to be the extraordinary in the midst of the unremarkable . . .

When it comes to circumstances, remember . . .

You are defined by Him, not by them.  

© Brooke Keith


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God Was Here

“… And he said “Here I Am.”

Genesis 46:2


In life, things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. We may ask for red and get blue. We may pray for A . . . and get B. We may wish for miracles at our fingertips and find ourselves twiddling our thumbs. It is in these moments of the unanswered that many of us simply give up on God.

If you are going through your own moments of the unanswered, rest assured that the tribulations of unanswered prayers aren’t a new phenomenon. They go back to the days of Abraham and they fast-forward to the age of a young Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison was a child of difference. His teachers thought he was mentally disabled and his erratic behavior made it difficult for him to make any friends. I imagine the young Tom must have prayed so many times for friends. He probably even spent nights crying in his bed or inside himself as he watched other children laugh and play. Maybe he had times when he asked . . . “God aren’t you there?” And, perhaps the silence of his lonely childhood left him in constant speculation.

If God couldn’t discover any friends for Tom . . . like many other children, he would just invent them. In this, from a world of imaginary friends, came a newfound love of creation, for dreaming up things from thin air. Tom dreamed and dreamed and dreamed until finally he imagined up some of the things that helped shape our modern world – electricity, the phonograph and motion pictures.

While his prayer for the love of other children may have gone unseen at the time, it did not go unnoticed. As Tom aged, his inventions went on to make him a hero among children . . . millions of them to be exact. He inspired them to dream, to create, to never tear down their walls of faith and to just be content to trust that somewhere along that wall the Lord was busy scribbling “God Was Here.”

God has a funny way of being in the middle of it all right when you think He’s flown the coop. He has a way of considering our suggestions and then, dreaming up something one million times bigger.

So, when you shoot for the stars and miss – simply keep moving, keep going, keep dreaming . . . You might just find those aimless stars were pushed aside for your safe landing on the moon.

© Brooke Keith 

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