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Forty Days

Forty Days

“I have put my rainbow in the clouds. It will be the sign of the covenant (promise) between me and the earth.”

Genesis 9:13 NIV

Some say that when it rains it pours. And often times it’s true.

Right in the middle of a sunny summer day, picnic basket in tow, we feel one little drop on our head . . . and by the time we figure out it was indeed “rain” we are caught in a complete downpour! Before we know it, we are running fast for cover, our flip flops soggy, our toes squished deep down in one thick muddy puddle after the other.

Isn’t it a lot like life? One minute we are on dry land and the next thing we know we are watching from the ark as the last slice of the world as we know it is swallowed up by the rising seas. As we stand there wondering how this happened, our vessel floats further and further from the familiar and we realize that everything is about to change.

So we gather up all that’s left of our life . . .

And so begins our forty days.

While it can be difficult to remember what the sun looked like on day twenty, God asks us to try. He asks us to send out our dove everyday in the hope that it will return. And it will. It may not always return with signs of land up ahead but God assures us with this promise – that each time if we send it out in faith, our dove will return and be strong enough for another try.

“This too shall pass.” It’s the thought so often drowned out by the rain on the tin roof. I imagine Noah had his days of wondering if the rain was ever gonna stop. Day one through thirty-nine, he probably even had moments when he was tempted to believe he would be on this boat forever. But on day forty, the clouds scattered. The rain let up, the dove came back with an olive branch, and the rainbow fell across the sky.

And it was on the fortieth day God promised that He’d never flood the earth again. But in His promise He wasn’t just speaking to Noah. He looked out across the universe, at all the waters yet to rise and spoke to the hearts of His children floating away ever so swiftly on the ark they never saw coming. He looked right down on your life raft and smiled, “The rain can’t last forever you know. The clouds have to scatter. Your dove has to come back fruitful. Your ark has to hit land.”

And it will. If you stick it out with Him, trusting in His faithful promise, it will.

When the rain is pounding your windows, batten down the hatches. Throw out your anchor. Set sail on the journey never forgetting what the sun looks like, never letting sticky puddles stick to your courage.

Don’t give up now, friend.

If you do, you’ll never know if today was day thirty-nine.


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